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"Family and Honor"

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We are a Norse Kindred based in Wisconsin who follow the old Norse  ways both in religion and culture. Our kindred is family friendly and  community based. We have created Raven Hof to provide a safe place for  practicing Heathens, Asatruars, and anyone who finds interest in the  Norse culture. We hold true to the nine noble virtues: Courage, Truth,  Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-Reliance  and Perseverance. We feel family is greatly valued and honored, and  reject any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, language,  nationality, race, sexual orientation, or “other divisive criteria”.


We are a Kindred based out of the Fox Valley in Wisconsin and help support  other pagan groups and community’s. We are always willing to help those  who seek knowledge about the Norse religion or culture. Our Blots/  rituals are open to the public so people interested in our way or just  interested in the Norse culture can come participate or just watch. One  of our goals is to educate the community to show we are not the stereo type of what most people think those who follow the Norse culture and  religion are. We are here to show people the true way of who we are.

We are a Non-Profit Religious Organization 

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