Freyfaxi 2018 Rune Spread

First Rune – The situation


Mannaz – Mankind Rune – This rune talks about our relationship with humanity. We are all a part of the human family but in the end, we are alone in this journey. This rune sometimes is thought to imply cooperating between kindred members for the common good. We have been working on our frith with other pagan associations like pagan pride and deeply rooted. To be productive beings, we have to make sure we are in balance between body, mind and spirit with ourselves.

The second rune – Course of action/ focus


Kauno - Rune of fire/enlightenment - This rune has sometimes is in debate on the interpretation depending on the reader. The way that Kauno comes to me is that a message or lesson will come to light. This rune sheds light to the path and helps us see what once seemed to be hidden. As long as we continue with true and honesty this rune will show us deeper wisdom. Sometimes this is also referred to as companionship of hearth and home and thus good health.

The third rune – outcome from the action


Isa –the rune of ice – Ice can be slippery and dangerous. This rune also sometimes brings stagnation or delay in plans. When Isa comes up it means that non-action is usually indicated. If things seem to be standing this is not the time to move it. We need to be wise and patient. We need to reaffirm our goals not necessarily abandon them. With time things with change as the seasons change. With all the new members coming in it may indicate working hard with building the relationships of the new energies coming in.


In conclusion – this reading seems to be guiding me more towards building our family/kindred. We need to make ourselves balanced so we can focus on the greater good. When this happens, we will obtain the knowledge we need and it will shine light onto something that we were not aware of to help up grow. We will also experience companionship of hearth and home. We need to be aware that danger or stagnation is upon us. We need to not abandon our goals but reaffirm the ones that continue to be worthwhile. A change may not be of benefit at this time

The Altar


The Ritual


Winters Night

Rune reading from Winters Night - Oct 2018

* First rune the situation: Berkana – rune of fertility and birth. With the short stagnation of Isa from Frey Faxi, it looks like our ice has now melted. Berkana brings in new birth and beginnings. Make sure that we keep the negative and what was not beneficial to our kindred out. Every ending has a new beginning. We have been steadfast in bringing a lot of new things into our kindred. We had a board meeting and approved for fundraising. We imposed bringing back themed parties. We are working on getting our merchandise out in an easier way. This rune pulled is giving us the green light in these new beginnings. Berkana is associated with the birch tree. Birch trees the quickest to grow and are one of the first trees to grow after devastation. For new beginnings to begin we need to keep the deadwood clear in order to see the new shoots start to grow. If we care for these shoots they will bear fruit. 

* The second rune – the course of action/focus - Ehwaz – the rune of momentum or the rune of the horse. Our situation is clearing way for swift movement. We should not have a lot of blocks of obtaining our goals. A horse is one of the most sacred animals of our ancestors. This is why it was one of the most sacrificed. The gods/Goddess and our Kin have the support we need to move forward. The horse is a prideful animal. Even if we are prideful of our achievements we need to remain humble. This also could also be the start of obtaining land or literally moving our kindred to sacred space. 

* Third rune Outcome or action: Mannaz. As we pulled Mannaz last month as the first rune. Mannaz as outcome focus will be to continue to balance ourselves as individuals so we continue to form strong healthy bonds with other kindreds or groups. Even if Mannaz is the rune of humanity we go along with our journey of life alone. Balancing mind body and spirit and taking care of ourselves allows us to be better human beings. Our wyrds are all connected and interlaced and as we better ourselves we can better the orlog in others. 

* Conclusion – I am glad to say that Isa was not in our lives for long. The gods accepted our offerings and we are able to build and grow once more. The energies that bogged us down or the “dead wood” needs to be cleared and removed so birth and growth for the new beginnings can take root and grow. This will be our focus to give movement to our ideas. We cannot expect instant results since we just sowed our seeds. The outcome is continuing to work on becoming balanced, well minded individuals so we can build our relationships with other groups creating a strong community. Hail to the Gods and Goddesses! Hail to Raven Hof!

Winters Night Rune Spread

Winters Night Rune Spread